A quick guide to make-up brushes

So with the arrival of my new make-up brushes I thought it might be useful for some to put together a guide on what brushes are best for what. It can be a daunting task to pick make-up brushes especially when you’re not sure what they are meant to be used for and with so many different brush types and shapes not to mention the bristles available it does not help.

So often I have ladies asking me how to achieve make-up looks at home as they are having problems themselves. After a chat with them about their make-up products and tools it is often simply the tools they are using or lack of them. I am amazed by how many ladies still try to use those little sponge applicators that come with eye shadows.

Being able to achieve an amazing make-up look not only depends on the make-up you use but often even more so the tools you use to apply it. But remember as with most types of art there is no right or wrong way but what works best for you.  So here’s an outline of some of the key brushes and what they are meant for, just remember this is only a guide:

Foundation brush- Used to apply and blend foundation there are many different types available. The one you choose besides your own preference can alter slightly to the type of foundation you use. Using a foundation brush rather than fingers will give a far better finish. It is also advisable to start from the middle of the face and blend out towards the edges to avoid heavy product lines around the edges, the aim is to blend out seamlessly.

Powder Brush-a must have in every make-up bag, and usually the largest. used to apply all types of powder foundation products. Make sure you tap away any excess to avoid too much powder. Powder is used to set foundation in place to help it stay put for longer, whether it be a pressed or loose powder.

Fan Brush- can be used in many ways including applying blusher, clearing excess powder, and contouring or highlighting cheekbones.

Kabuki- used to apply Mineral powder foundation with a circular motion to buff into the face.

Concealer brusher- A small brush used for applying and blending concealer, shaped to allow concentrated application where needed.

Blusher brush- great for applying blusher, smaller than the powder brush so allows for more precise application of blusher or bronzer. But remember to use a different one for blusher and one for bronzer. An angled blush brush is great for use when contouring the face.

Eye Shadow Brush- Available in many different shapes and sizes to apply eye shadow to the eyelids. Also for blending more than 1 colour together. Angled eye shadow brushes are great for working in the creases of the eyelid. Firmer blending shadow brushes are best for blending the eye shadow which is a vital step after applying the colour.

Angled Brow brush- an important tool for filling in the brows, angled to be able to get into thin areas with firm bristles to evenly distribute the brow products.

Brow brush / comb- used for combing through both the brows and eye lashes, whether it be to tidy and smooth the brows or comb out clumps of mascara from the lashes.

Eye liner brush- a thin brush which allows you to be accurate with your eyeliner and adapt the thickness of the line created. Can also be used to smudge or blend down Kohl eyeliner pencil.

Angled eye liner brush- Softer than the brow brush but with the same angle to allow precision, great for gel eye liners or creating a precise line with your eye shadow.

Lip Brush- allows a more accurate application of lipstick or gloss. Enables you to get a much neater finish and coverage than if you apply straight from the lipstick.


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